Ancestral Clearing

It’s funny but while writing these pages I almost want to say,

“This is the one thing that played the biggest part of changing my life.”

Looking back now at the articles and the order in which they are coming to the surface, I understand that they are all pivotal pieces of the pie or branches of the Ancestral Tree. They all build on each other.

Now we have arrived at Ancestral Clearing. When you look back at my journey with the Fire Horse, my rant was “Who can say what I will or won’t be?”

What I am seeing, is that ancestral vibration can flow through generations in multiple ways and affect our very being.

When entering the space to administer the clearing, our personal feelings and judgment of what is revealed does not belong. We only have room for love and light in order to clear the space and move forward.

What happens in an Ancestral Clearing?

The remarkable thing about the Ancestral Clearing, is that often times when a situation, or the revelation of an action is made known, my client confirms that relief is often physically and emotionally felt during the session.

It is this revelation that removes fear, shame, loss or any other blocks that you may be experiencing.

One client had a wonderful experience. She was feeling very alone and emotionally stuck. She lacked passion but also carried a lot of emotional weight from wanting to do more, but not feeling empowered.

While in her Ancestral Clearing, her great grandmother made herself known to me. She smiled and ooked grateful. The grandmother expressed love, warmth and understanding then said. “We have been waiting for you.” I was given the understanding that my client came from a line of healers. This was the yearning that she had felt, but had lacked the confidence to actively move forward to explore a deeper side of herself.

To me an Ancestral Clearing session will not only smooth the bumps on your life’s path, but can assist in you being able to avoid the pot holes and stay on track.


Ancestral Clearing