In 2001, my family and I went on a winter vacation to Bryson City, North Carolina. After driving for several hours we popped into a local Chinese restaurant for a bite to carry us over until dinner.  While waiting for our food, we were given a calendar which had information pertaining to Chinese astrology.

This really intrigued me.

As I looked at all of the different configurations of one element with an animal, I thought that this was really cool.  It had interesting and wonderful things to say about each and every animal and their element. However, when it came to the Fire Horse, I was in for a shock.  My FIRE HORSE was all doom and gloom of epic proportion.


It stated:


Really? Well what does that mean? This is where my life’s journey took root as to who am I, what I am doing here on this planet and WHO THE CAN SAY WHAT I WILL BE OR WON’T BE?

Hey while we are on a roll, why just stop there, (I’m feeling the fire ignite as I’m writing this).

Let’s go ahead and bite the bullet and uncover the “so called facts”:

Fire Horse – Bad Luck, irresponsible, rebellious and overall bad news. They are formed from the heat of the flames and the wildness of horses making them as dangerous as they are strong willed. They fight and kick against boundaries, disregarding traditions, valuing blind faith over wisdom and cunning over intelligence.

Now here’s the clincher…

Women are said to be especially Dangerous Fire Horses. (FOR MEN THESE QUALITIES ARE ACTUALLY EMBRACED). Women are said to sap the families’ finances, neglect their children and drive their father and husband to an early grave.

Why stop there, lets dig a little deeper.

It is recorded that in 1682 a rebellious 15 year old Fire Horse girl, nearly burned her city of Edo China to the ground. She was in love with a young man who was a firefighter and in order to see him again, she set fire to a building.  You guessed right. The fire got out of control.  She was discovered and received the death penalty.

Since this story and many others like it permeate Asian folklore, there’s no wonder that other heinous actions have been taken by couples to protect their family from a child born in the year of the Fire Horse. During the census of 1966, birth rates dropped by more than 25% in Asia.

There are sadly also undocumented cases of infanticide for this period. We also have to take into consideration men and women’s roles in society in Asia and even here in the America. Society is changing, however there is still an undercurrent of the old belief system of a strong, intelligent woman does not always know her place.

Being born in the year of the Fire Horse and also being a Sagittarian, you could say I have the poor luck of a being double horse.

For 13 years this vibration has filtered through my every success and failure. When times were good it was because I was a lucky horse and when times were bad then I was an unlucky horse.

In the fall of 2011, I barely survived a massive heart attack. Not eighteen months later my fiancé died six months before our wedding.

I have been writing about this on and off since the spring of 2014 and now it’s the fall. I have a new appreciation for this journey that I am on.

In my early days, my impetuous behavior brought a lot of pain and contrast to my life. But looking back this year, as I have been working on clearing Karma, it all makes sense.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Everything that has happened to me I am confident that it was Divine Planning and that also I agreed to this life in my Contract with God.

You see I am an Intuitive Healer. I feel things to the core of my being. I hear the truth in each conversation and when there is discord, my body reacts. I know this now and trust it. You see over the years, all of the pain hardship and blessings, have sharpened my instincts to be as sharp as written manual in my head that I trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am forged by the flame of the Fire Horse to be loving, kind, generous, intuitive to trust my connection to God, Universal Energy or the ONE. They are all just names.

It was not until late summer on a spiritual trip that all of my training of hurt and pain from life’s ups and downs came to a crescendo. I was faced with following my gut instincts and trusting myself to bolt out of an unhealthy situation. It was at that point where I fully merged and recognized the full intensity and power of my Fire Horse. I then became one with who I was, who I am and who I will be. ME